All residents and property owners in Willow Creek Estates are welcome and we encourage all residents to become members.  We want you to enjoy living in a wonderful, peaceful, and quiet community.

WCHOA provides an effective forum for the discussion of such relevant issues as signage, traffic problems, compliance with deed restrictions, and other issues that may surface from time to time. The directors and officers of the WCHOA Board are volunteers who serve one-year terms and are elected at the Annual General Membership Meeting. We are always looking for new Board members and welcome anyone who wishes to volunteer a little time to help keep our community a great place to live. The primary goals of the WCHOA are to keep our neighborhood an attractive, peaceful place to live and to keep our property values high.

Angel Orchid (Habenaria Grandifloriformis)

Angel Orchid (Habenaria Grandifloriformis)

Homeowners can make sure that they are fully informed about these and other important neighborhood issues by joining the Association. Dues are just $20 per year (January 1 through December 31).   Annual dues are the major means of support for the Association.

Membership Dues (Inquire About Your Dues)– The Association operates on a fiscal year of June through May; however, our dues are billed on a calendar year basis.  Therefore, dues should be paid in January for each new year. Please include your name, physical address, and email address when you remit your dues payment.   The HOA needs the support of every resident in the neighborhood.

Make your $20 check payable to WCHOA.

Send payment to:

WCHOA Treasurer
P.O. Box 1883
San Marcos, TX 78667-1883

Can’t remember if you have paid your dues, click here to send a request to check your payment status. The WCHOA Treasurer will check it out and send you an email with your current dues payment status.