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All Willow Creek property owners are encouraged to become financially supporting members of the Willow Creek HOA, but there is no official requirement for them to do so. Just by owning property in Willow Creek Estates automatically makes them a voting member of the HOA.

However, all property owners must abide by the restrictions and covenants regardless of whether they choose to become financially supporting members of the HOA. While the $20 yearly dues are voluntary, we hope that residents will become active dues paying members.

WCHOA provides an effective forum for the discussion of such relevant issues as signage, traffic problems, compliance with deed restrictions, and other issues that may surface from time to time.

The Board of Directors are tasked with enforcing the Covenants and Restrictions. They also organize neighborhood gatherings, produce newsletters, maintain a website, and advocate with the city and county on our homeowners’ behalf.

The directors and officers of the WCHOA Board are volunteers who serve one-year terms and are elected at the Annual General Membership Meeting held in June.

We are always looking for new Board members and welcome anyone who wishes to volunteer a little time to help keep our community a great place to live.

The primary goals of the WCHOA are to keep our neighborhood an attractive, peaceful place to live and to keep our property values high.

Homeowners can make sure that they are fully informed about these and other important neighborhood issues by joining the Association. Dues are just $20 per calendar year. Annual dues are the major means of support for the Association.

The Association operates on a fiscal year of June through May; however, our dues are billed on a calendar year basis. Therefore, dues should be paid in January for each new year. Please include your name, physical address, and email when you remit your dues payment.  WCHOA needs the support of every resident in the neighborhood.

Annual dues may be paid using the PayPal™ option on our website. And it is okay to pay future years to lock in this great rate. Your dues may also be paid by sending a $20 check payable to “WCHOA” to:

WCHOA Treasurer

PO Box 1883

San Marcos, TX 78667-1883

Can’t remember if you have paid your dues, click here to send a request to check your payment status. The WCHOA Treasurer will check it out and send you an email with your current  payment status.

Look Out COVID; Events are Back!

What Does The Willow Creek HOA Do For Homeowners?

Our main goal as your Willow Creek HOA Board is to protect your property values along with a sense of comfortable living in attractive surroundings. Membership only costs $20 for the entire calendar year….one of the best deals around.

You may renew your membership or join online via PayPal® or you may also send a check payable to “WCHOA” to our WCHOA Treasurer, PO Box 1883, San Marcos, TX 78667-1883.

If you are paying via check, please include your contact information―name(s), email address(es) and phone. We do not sell or share your contact information.

Your all-volunteer Willow Creek Homeowners Association (WCHOA) is continually helping you behind the scenes and working on projects and improvements that directly affect you, your family, and the value of your home investment.

We are an organization of residents who work together to improve and maintain the quality of life in its neighborhood, including neighborhood safety, beautification and social activities.

WCHOA is technically a formal legal entity being incorporated and having federal tax exempt status; however, we can only survive with the financial support of our residents and local businesses that have chosen to place ads on our website and in our newsletters.

We hope you will agree that supporting the WCHOA is not only beneficial to you and your property, but also to your community.

We work hard to provide as many benefits as possible to our residents without incurring additional costs. Your $20 dues will help offset those additional costs and supply you with added benefits and will help keep the WCHOA going for years to come!


Events Notice:

Look out COVID-19. Events are back! As life returns to normal, we’re happy to report our events will start to grow again. Bare with us as we settle back into the swing of

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