Board Updates

Agenda – Sept 13 WCHOA Board Meeting

POSTED 09/08/2015

Tentative Agenda 09-13-15 Board Meeting


WCHOA Annual Membership Meeting Rescheduled

POSTED 06/04/2015

The meeting has been rescheduled for Sunday, July 12 at 4:30pm in the SM Police Department Community Room. Agenda + associated materials will be emailed soon. The board is looking for food sponsors, door prizes and residents interested in participating in the board.

You may contact us at



POSTED 05/15/2015

We are pleased that Section 1 (Willow Creek Circle) is now back as part of WCHOA with full membership status. Residents of Section 1 presented a petition to the WCHOA Board with two-thirds of the lot owners desiring to have their deed restrictions revised to include covenants similar to those governing Section 2. The revised restrictions bringing Section 1 back into WCHOA were signed and recorded in April of 2015. Copies of the new restrictions and covenants have been distributed to all Section 1 property owners and they have also been posted on this website.

Letter to Section 1 Residents – May 2015

Section 1 Restrictions & Covenants – 2015

Board Advisory

POSTED 09/30/2014

Recently you may have received an email from someone who is not a WCHOA board member.  This email address list is confidential; we would not (and did not) authorize its use by anyone who is not a current board member.   



Important WCHOA Issue Affecting Section 1

POSTED 09/18/2014

A very important issue has recently come to the Board’s attention that specifically affects Willow Creek residents owning property in Section 1 (the Willow Creek Circle area). It involves missing paperwork which specifically gives WCHOA governing authority over the Deed Restrictions for that section. Your WCHOA Board has notified these residents and provided options available to these property owners.  The WCHOA is ready and willing to work with the Section 1 residents to bring them back under the WCHOA jurisdiction if that is the course that these residents choose.

Below is a link to the letter that was sent to the Section I property owners and you may also view the attachments that were included by clicking on links provided.


Letter to Section 1 Residents – Sept 12, 2014


1973 Original Section 1 Deed Restrictions

Section 1 – 2001 Renewed Deed Restrictions

Example – Section 2 Restrictions & Declaration of Covenants







Bylaw Committee Statement

POSTED 08/08/2014


To the Members of the Willow Creek Homeowners’ Association:

The Officers and Directors of our HOA are pleased to announce that a five member team of residents has begun work on the new Bylaws Review Committee.

They will take on the enormous task of reviewing our 27-year-old Bylaws, bringing them into compliance with the substantial changes that have occurred in state non-profit corporations and HOA laws in recent years, as well as correcting other issues that have recently come to light, and recommending changes to our Board and membership.

A Board Chair and Co-Chair will facilitate the Committee’s work, however only the five members of the Committee will decide by a majority decision the changes to be recommended.

This project is a significant and arduous task, requiring considerable time for all Committee members to read, research, deliberate, debate and determine the best recommendations for changes that will protect our growing, vital community.

To insure that the opinions and concerns of all individuals are fairly and accurately communicated to the Committee as a whole, member Mark Fraprie will act as liaison between members of the Committee and the general membership. The Committee respectively requests that all input and questions be in writing, so please direct all inquires or concerns to Mark’s email address at The Committee sincerely appreciates your consideration and patience.

~Officers and Directors of the WCHOA