Lost & Found

The Willow Creek Homeowners Association is pleased to announce a new enhancement to our lost and found service to help locate lost pets or to assist in getting found pets back to their families as well as other lost and found items such as car keys, etc.  We are automating this popular service so that Willow Creek residents may enter the information directly on our website and we will be able to automDogsatically review and post the information in an expedited manner.

If a pet should get lost, just enter the required information on the “Lost and Found” form and include a photo if you have one and submit your request. One of our WCHOA volunteers will review and okay the information to be posted on the website and, if appropriate, an email blast may also be generated. By the same token, if you find an animal that is obviously someone’s cherished pet or some other item such as car keys or other miscellaneous items, you may also report this information in the same manner.

Although this started out as just a lost and found pet service, we have expanded it to include other lost and found items. This service has been quite successful and there have been a few times that a lost pet or item has been reported by a resident and another resident reports the found pet or item before we can make distribution of the information. THIS SERVICE REALLY WORKS! The reason that this service works so well is because we live in a great neighborhood where neighbors care about their neighbors. It is the Willow Creek residents that make this a success.

Additionally, when we are notified that a lost or found item has been found and/or returned home, we will update the posting on the website to reflect safe return to the owner.

We also recommend that you check out the San Marcos Lost and Found Pets on the city website and the Facebook page Lost and Found Pets of San Marcos, TX.

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