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Ways To Contact The Willow Creek HOA

Willow Creek Homeowners Association, Inc.

PO Box 1883
San Marcos, TX  78667-1883

  • Send a short message to the officer or board member selected using the form below
  • Send us an email at
  • Send your information via regular mail to the address listed above
  • You may also use any of the specific forms available on this website to submit or request information

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Look Out COVID; Events are Back!

Required Documentation For Submissions

When submitting a contact form to report HOA Deed Restriction Violations, request Architectural Approval and Lost/Found pets, there may be additional documentation required to be included with your submission.

  • Those submitting a Restriction Violation should include the address of the reported violation along with photos and a detailed explanation of the violation.
  • If you are submitting an Architectural Approval request, the property address and detailed plans should be submitted.
  • If you are reporting a lost or found pet or other item, please include a photograph if at all possible for reference. Lost or found pets can also be reported directly onto the website via the comment section on the Lost and Found page.


Events Notice:

Look out COVID-19. Events are back! As life returns to normal, we’re happy to report our events will start to grow again. Bare with us as we settle back into the swing of

Report Restrictions Violations

Please use this form if you are a Willow Creek resident reporting a deed restrictions and/or covenants violation to the WCHOA Board.

Request Architectural Approval

If you are considering any modifications to the exterior of your property, please review your Deed Restrictions and Covenants first.  Understand that if you proceed without architectural control approval, and your project does not comply with the Restrictions and Covenants for your section, a complaint may be filed possibly subjecting you to the HOA’s Enforcement Policy.

Please note:  WCHOA Architectural Control approval is in addition to any required municipal building permits and/or municipal code requirements.

Request for HOA Verification

Realtors, Title Companies, and Title Search Agencies needing to verify dues payment or to obtain a Resale Certificate may complete the informational form below to request the required resale certificate for properties located in any section of the Willow Creek Homeowners Association.

Prior to submitting your request for verification, please check our new map to verify that you are sending the request to the proper property owners association. Only properties in the colored areas of the map are included in the Willow Creek Homeowners Association.


Please complete and submit the information below to request a

Resale Certificate or HOA Verification

Submit WCHOA Volunteer Form

Please use the form below if you would like to volunteer to serve on one of the WCHOA committees. Appointments are made when a position is open; as a committee member you will not be a board member.

Committee members have a fiduciary duty to the Willow Creek Association members and residents. Confidentiality is required. Personal experience, enthusiasm, and ability are the most important criteria.

Submit Calendar Event

Willow Creek HOA residents and property owners can submit events for addition to our calendar. Share an upcoming event with everyone and meet the neighbors!

Please include the following information in your calendar event submission.

  • Time & Date of Event
  • Location
  • Organizer
  • Event Title
  • Event Description: What can attendees expect?


Submit A Photo

Have a picture you’d like to submit that highlights one of the best parts about living in Willow Creek? Send us an email! We’ll upload the picture to our slider and help you share it with other residents. Photos should have a resolution of at least 800×600 if possible.

If you are submitting a photo to share with your neighbors, you must include a photo and a brief description including when and where in our neighborhood the photo was taken.


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