Thank you to those who promptly removed downed trees and various tree limbs.

This year, it’s been challenging since storms have demolished several of the neighborhood’s bigger trees. Some yards lost every tree in front of their homes, and others lost trees in their side and back yards.

This serves as a reminder that removing storm debris and downed trees should be handled promptly. No one expects instant removal. However, it’s been several weeks, and severely damaged trees and debris have quickly become fire hazards in Texas’ heat.

We need this cleaned before someone gets hurt or property is lost due to potential fires. This puts our entire neighborhood in fire jeopardy.

Additionally, several residents who reside in the county and not the city have piled up their brush or storm debris in front of their homes, thinking that the city will pick it up.

If you live on the following streets, the city will not pick up your brush as you don’t live within the city limits.

  • Willow Creek Circle
  • Rolling Oaks
  • Oak Haven Dr
  • Mountain Dr
  • Cedar Park
  • Corrie Court
  • Howard Place

Homeowners may be contacted individually depending on the severity of these two important issues.

Thank you.