Many of you now classify as champions of chainsaw use! One homeowner on a corner lot off Stagecoach went to work immediately, wielding his chainsaw as if he were an experienced lumberjack.

Family members were removing debris as it fell and started stacking it curbside. Within a day or two, the lot was spartan despite having major tree damage on all parts of their lot.

Another homeowner wielded her chainsaw as if she were a female “Leatherface,” and soon, the debris stack was as tall as she was.


You’ve done a magnificent job stacking the debris for city pickups starting May 20.

Now, some advice on chainsaw maintenance:

Yes, chainsaws need ongoing maintenance to keep them operating optimally and safely. If you’re an amateur, you can do it yourself due to the multiple YouTube videos posted.

Some of the videos cover the basics, and some go into additional detail. Most cover gasoline-powered, and a few cover battery-powered. Most of the videos are great!

If you want a professional service, do what my husband did and drop off your chainsaw(s) at Power Haus Equipment. They’re close to our HOA at 1621 W San Antonio St, just on the other side of Jack’s Roadhouse on Hunter Road. Call first to find out the time it’ll take. 512-392-1518.

Operating equipment safely is made easier by using equipment in top shape. Keep up your great work!