After Thursday night’s storm, the city understands debris removal is a top priority. That’s why the City of San Marcos is partnering with Ceres Environmental to ensure a swift and thorough cleanup process!

🗓️ Removal will begin the week of May 20, giving you ample time to prepare your debris for pickup. This cleanup is for brush and limbs only, and please do not stack hazardous waste or household items on the pile.

♻️ Items should be organized on the curb but do not have to be bundled. Please ensure the debris is not near a fire hydrant, mailbox, or other permanent structure. There’s no limit to the amount of vegetation we’ll pick up as long as it is from the storm event.

🍃 If you have small limbs (5” in diameter or smaller) or lots of leaves, use your green waste cart and paper yard bags. Place the paper yard bags with your green waste cart for easy collection.

🌳 Need help getting your brush and limbs to the curb? The city has enlisted a dedicated team of volunteers ready to help. Simply call 512-393-8407 or email

For more information about the weather-related event, please visit