Texas Confirms First Death of a Person With Monkeypox

The Texas Department of State Health Services has confirmed the first death of a person diagnosed with monkeypox in Texas. The patient was an adult resident of Harris County who was severely immunocompromised. The case is under investigation to determine what role monkeypox played in the death.

“Monkeypox is a serious disease, particularly for those with weakened immune systems,” said Dr. John Hellerstedt, DSHS Commissioner. “We continue to urge people to seek treatment if they have been exposed to monkeypox or have symptoms consistent with the disease.”

People should contact their health care provider if they have fever, chills, swollen lymph nodes and a new, unexplained rash. People who are diagnosed with monkeypox should stay home and avoid close contact with others until the rash has fully resolved, the scabs have fallen off and a fresh layer of intact skin has formed.

For most people, infection with monkeypox is painful but not life threatening.

Monkeypox is a preventable disease that spreads through close contact with an infected person. There are things everyone should do to help prevent the spread of monkeypox:

  • Avoid close, skin-to-skin contact with someone with a new, unexplained rash.
  • Avoid close, skin-to-skin contact in large crowds where people are wearing minimal clothing, such as nightclubs, festivals, raves, saunas, and bathhouses.
  • Do not share cups, utensils, bedding or towels with someone who is sick.
  • Stay home when you are sick.

People who have been exposed to a known case of monkeypox are eligible to be vaccinated against the disease. Some people at high risk of infection may also be eligible for vaccination. Health care providers with patients at high risk of severe illness should work with their local health department to facilitate administration of the JYNNEOS vaccine and treatment with the antiviral medication TPOXX.

DSHS is posting the latest information, guidance for the public, health care providers and others, and updating case counts at dshs.texas.gov/news/updates.shtm#monkeypox.

Brushy Waste Drop-Off

The City of San Marcos hosts its monthly brush dropoff (weather permitting) on the second Saturday of each month from 8:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. at 750 River Road for San Marcos residential garbage and recycling service customers. The September drop off day is Saturday, September 10. Residents wishing to drop off brush and other “green waste” must provide a copy of a City utility bill and unload their own material at the site.

Material that will be accepted includes tree/ brush trimmings and wood debris suitable for tub grinding. Brush containing barbed wire or other metals will not be accepted. The service is open only to residential solid waste customers in San Marcos. Brush from commercial operations will not be accepted. Residents are invited to load and take ground up mulch at the site. Click here for additional information about this service.

Elizabeth Trevino Selected to Serve as City Clerk

On Tuesday, August 16, 2022, Interim City Clerk Elizabeth Treviño was selected to serve as City Clerk. Treviño has been serving as Interim City Clerk since May 2022. Treviño began her career with the City in 2007 and has dedicated more than 15 years of service to the San Marcos community. During her tenure, Treviño has taken on a range of different roles, including Deputy Local Registrar, Passport Administrator, Records Management Program Coordinator, and Deputy City Clerk.

“Liz’s tenure with the City shows her commitment to the City of San Marcos,” said Mayor Jane Hughson. “We’re excited to see her continue her commitment and service to members of our community.”

Treviño is a member of the Texas Municipal Clerks Association (TMCA) and serves as a member of TMCA’s Clerk of the Year Committee.

“Liz is exceptionally qualified for this position,” said Interim City Manager Stephanie Reyes. “With her experience and knowledge of the organization, we’re confident she will excel in this important role and provide exceptional service to all members of our community, as well as our City staff and elected leaders.”

Treviño has been married to her husband A.B. for 17 years. Together, they have three children: Isaiah, Hannah, and Brielle. Treviño is a member of the Texas Municipal Clerks Association (TMCA) and serves as a member of TMCA’s Clerk of the Year Committee.

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