If you want to participate in the garage sale and have your information included on the flyer that we distribute at all three of our entrances and also post the list on our website prior to the sale date, please fill out the information on the form by clicking on the link below:


This is a very popular annual event and is a good chance to take advantage of shoppers who love to attend a large neighborhood sale with multiple sites.

Remember, your trash is someone else’s treasure, so clean out your treasure chests and share the wealth!

HERE IS WHAT YOU DO:       Gather up your stuff and send us your info
1.  Decide the days that you want to participate in the sale (one or both) and the hours you want to be accessible. It’s all up to you!
2.  Complete the form listed above and submit it by the deadline. If you can't submit your information electronicaly, you may
contact wchoa99@gmail.com or Lisa at lislas0807@gmail.com and we will work with you to try to get your information included.
3.  Please complete this form no later than March 31 if you want your sale to be listed on the flyers that will be available
at all of the entrances to Willow Creek Estates on the days of the sale.
4.  On the day(s) of the sale, you may want to put a sign in your yard or balloons on the mailbox to highlight your sale location. 

HERE IS WHAT WE WILL DO:      Free Advertising!
1.  Compile a listing of addresses, dates, hours and item descriptions. (You will be given the
opportunity to review your submitted info)
2.  Post listing on our website at WCHOATX.com
3.  Place ads in the San Marcos Daily Record, Craig’s List and on Nextdoor directing shoppers to our website for the detailed
to our website for the detailed listing.
4.  Put up signs at the entrances (Stagecoach/Snyder Hill, Great Oaks and Reimer/Philo).
5.  Print copies of the listing and place in holders at the entrances.

Thank you for participating and making this annual neighborhood event a big success!

This event is planned and coordinated by your WCHOA Officers and Directors. The funding is provided through the dues paid by you and your fellow HOA members and our great sponsors who purchase ads on our website. If you are not already a member, we encourage you to join at the very low rate of $20/year. Easy pay with PayPal is available on our website.