These two young Willow Creek Estates residents have come up with their own way to adhere to the social distancing pandemic recommendations. The boys are Robert Watts and Hank Harper.

We would like to get photos of the ways that other Willow Creek residents are dealing with the pandemic. We welcome your photos and will include them in our neighborhood photos on the website. We know that there is a lot of creativity in our neighborhood – pics can be anything that you are or have been doing such as updating your outdoor surroundings, spending time in the pool and all sorts of activities that can be done in the neighborhood.

My sister in Missouri just called and told me that three of her grandchildren are on a”camping trip.” They have set up their camping tent in the fenced back yard and are spending the weekend outdoors. Of course, this involves a good bit of supervision from dad. Planning for the camping trip and deciding on what to take and what they wanted to eat were also a lot of fun. The two older ones even let their little sister come along on the camping trip. And mom is very happy to have part of the family out of the house for a short time.

So get out your cameras and share your photos and stories with the neighborhood.

Note: It is easier for us to add photos to the website if they are in landscape format.