A publication of Willow Creek Homeowners Association
“Deed Restricted Single-Family Neighborhood”

Dear Willow Creek Homeowner Residents:

Annual Meeting: Due to recent events, we will post our annual meeting updates on our website wchoatx.com for your review in lieu of a face to face meeting. This will help facilitate the annual meeting elements without exposing our membership to any potential illness. It’s imperative we keep your safety top of mind. While this approach is not ideal, it helps communicate the 2019-2020 year’s events by your WCHOA board. (Please note that if circumstances allow it, we will consider a face to face meeting later this year.)

We will also post a slate of officers for your review and approval at a later date.If you are interested in becoming a director or any other position, please send your request using the Get In Touch form on our website or send an email message to wchoa99@gmail.com by June 6, 2020.

2021 WCHOA EVENTS: Please submit your suggestions and comments to us as we tee up next year’s slate of activities. As you know, we have events around National Night Out, the annual holiday lights contest, garage sale and more.

One suggestion might be to do two garage sales a year since our garage sales attract much traffic. We look forward to your thoughts. Please submit your suggestions to us at wchoa99@gmail.com, use the Get In Touch form on our website, or even drop a hard copy in the mail to PO Box 1883, San Marcos TX 78667-1883.

Annual Dues: Your dues are due…for an annual payment of $20 your money is well spent on National Night Out, the garage sale, our very informative website, the holiday lights contest and the annual meeting. Please send your check to WCHOA Treasurer, PO Box 1883, San Marcos TX 78667-1883 or use the PayPal option on our website.

WCHOA Questions + Requests: The WCHOA board takes care of hundreds of duties and requests annually. The Architectural Committee is very active and helps you navigate the covenants and restrictions successfully. Contact the directors for assistance at any time to get advice and counsel on all types of issues—permits (if needed), new or additional garages, pools, sheds or other types of “out” buildings, fences, drainage, etc. The directors are highly experienced and can smooth out any process challenges.

Oak Wilt: Please do not prune your oak trees at this time of the year. Oak Wilt is a nasty, tree-killing disease. It’s best to contact a professional but we know that time is heavy on your hands so it’s hard to resist a bit of pruning. Oak Wilt will spread like wildfire if you prune during the months of May, June and July.

It’s always best to wait until after July before you start pruning. Cuts must be treated quickly and “closed” effectively. The oak trees in Willow Creek Estates add to the overall beauty of the neighborhood so even the loss of one tree is hurtful. Oak Wilt can wipe out entire oak tree neighborhoods without intervention so please, please, please do not prune our beautiful oaks now!

Restrictions/Covenants: Changing your section requirements/restrictions is more than just asking for a change. If you really want something different within your section, please review the existing requirements on the WCHOA website. To add another level of complexity, we have both city and county lots; the city and county have different rules which also need to be observed.

If you think you have an idea which will resonate within your section, start up a petition, gather approving signatures, and then present your findings to the directors and request consideration. Any change requires approval from 2/3 of the property owners in your section. The directors have the final decision to change, delete or modify. Today’s “let’s do it” is often tomorrow’s “why in the world did they want that?”  So be mindful of the aftereffects of proposed changes.

Incidents: Thankfully, we have very few incidents in our neighborhood which are a cause for great concern.  The most common ones are speeding cars and loose dogs.

  • Speeders: slow down.           
  • Dog owners: keep your dogs on a leash.

We can do a long safety pitch, but seriously folks, our pedestrians should not have to dodge cars or be chased by dogs. What else needs to be said? Be responsible!! And right now our yards are filled with does birthing babies. If you hit a deer expect thousands of dollars of damage to your car plus you probably killed Bambi! On another note we had a resident knock down a mailbox on Stagecoach and left the scene without notifying the owner. Fortunately, the perpetrator was spotted and details were shared with the lot owner.

Ads: If you are interested in becoming one of our business partners by placing an ad on our website, please contact the WCHOA. Many of our residents have told us they prefer using locally owned businesses so we know those business ads work.

Again: Please submit your annual dues as quickly as possible. And it is okay to pay ues for future years at this time. Don’t remember if you have paid your dues for the current year, just email us and our Treasurer will check and reply back to you.

Please support our Local Business Partners!



Director Marianne Moore
Director Gordon Love
Director Fred Davis
President Becky Dobbins
Vice President Debbie Harvey
Vice President Carol Short
Vice President Lisa Walls
Secretary Larry Lyles
Treasurer Jon Leonard