We have had recent reports of dangerous wild animal activity on Summit Ridge (fawn eaten) and also a report of strange growling heard by an early morning (4:30am) jogger on Snyder Hill.

Remember that we live on the edges of natural territories and have had sightings and evidence of mountain lions, bobcats, foxes, plus rattlesnakes and coral snakes. 

In case you think this is just an alarmist warning, over the last 5 years there have been half eaten deer carcasses, a backyard dog killed by a rattlesnake strike, bloody pawprints in the street as big as a man’s palm identified as mountain lion by SM Animal Control, and camera footage of wild hogs one and two blocks into the neighborhood.  So we are not just whistling Dixie.

Be aware and take precautions. DO NOT leave pets unattended in backyards. Always be on the lookout for snakes. Be aware of surroundings when exercising in the early morning as that is roaming time for big cats.

As an aside, it is illegal to discharge a firearm inside the city limits but, of course, do what you must if threatened.

For the most part we are safe, of course, but not immune to accidents. Please report any incidents to me so that the HOA can keep a record and issue warnings as necessary.


Marianne Moore 


Director, Willow Creek HOA