Okay, it’s only a few days away and we do it every year!

We can help you get organized–especially where your garage and closets are concerned. Our “best in town” Willow Creek HOA annual spring garage sale will be held on Friday, April 5 and Saturday, April 6. We’re here to offer a little seasonal magic by helping you turn all that stuff you’ve been “storing” in your garage into a little “mad” money. And look at it this way, you’ve got to get all that stuff out of the way of your lawnmower now that it’s time to mow. We’ll tell the papers and online media, we’ll put out signs, and we’ll get the word out every way we can. All you’ve got to do is dust off those treasurers, move ’em onto your driveway, price ’em, and sell ’em.

Of course, let us know your address and the days and times your sale will be taking place. Friday, April 5? Saturday, April 6? Both days? What time do you open? And what time do you close? Also, you can include descriptions of items you will have for sale. Examples: clothing, household, furniture, toys, tools, etc.

Please send your information to us at wchoa99@gmail.com no later than Sunday, March 31st if you want your sale to be listed on the flyers that will be available at all of the entrances to Willow Creek Estates on the days of the sale.

We want to make sure your potential customers know. And here’s an idea: you can team up with a neighbor–that will increase your inventory and make your sale really stand out.

We look forward to having exciting sale days!