Hello WCHOA Neighbors,

WCHOA received a request from a resident on Stagecoach Trail to allow the city to “stripe” the shoulders on both sides of Stagecoach Trail from 820 Stagecoach Trail to Mountain View Drive. This would mean that the unstriped, travel portion of the street would narrow from its current width of 28 feet to allow 22 feet for passing cars with 3 foot areas on both sides of the street, starting with 1-1/2 feet on each side and increasing to 3 feet each. (Note: The street widens as it approaches Mountain View.) According to city officials, these striped areas are not intended to serve as a right of way to pedestrians or bicycles; the purpose of the striping is simply for “calming traffic.” As we are all aware, motorists exceeding the posted speed limit along Stagecoach Trail has been a longstanding issue of concern to many of our residents.

We need your input so the WCHOA Board can make a final determination and recommendation to the City of San Marcos regarding this proposal. Click here to see the city’s plan for possible “striping” on Stagecoach Trail.

Here’s the survey:

  1. Do you want both sides of Stagecoach to be striped with 1-1/2 to 3 feet allowances from 820 Stagecoach Trail to Mountain View Drive? This change is purely for calming traffic. It’s a visual change which tends to “tell” drivers to slow down.
                       Yes (  )          No (  )           No Preference (  )
  2. Increased police presence has been suggested in the past but is mostly unavailable. So, do you have other suggestions for resolving this issue?

We would appreciate your immediate feedback to our WCHOA email address (wchoa99@gmail.com) or mail to us at PO Box 1883, San Marcos Texas 78667-1883.

Deadline for response is March 15, 2019. 

Thank you for taking the time to provide your input!

Your WCHOA Board