Living in a Neighborhood


As a child I can remember the neighborhood my family lived in.  It was a place where kids could play outside without the fear of someone kidnapping them or hurting them because the neighbors looked out for them.

There is an old saying that it takes a village to raise a child and that was true 30-40 years ago.  Today neighbors don’t know neighbors because of uncertainties, differences, not wanting to get involved, or just don’t have the time.  It seems that homes have turned into houses and that home life is not a tradition of growing up.  Trust has been dissolved in much of the world today.  Neighbors do not trust their neighbors anymore.  We are allowing worldly views and actions to become part of our home life and this seems to be destroying the neighborhoods of yesterday.

The time has come, especially in today’s society that man needs to trust again in his neighbors and fellowman.  However, our friends and neighbors need to earn our trust as we need to earn theirs.  Being up front and honest with people is the best solution to creating good neighborhoods once again.

Let’s make Willow Creek Estates an exception to the rule by getting to know our neighbors.  We need to get to know the kids in each family and we should we watching our neighbor’s houses when they are away.  If we see something suspicious going on, we need to call the respective law enforcement agency and report it.  We need to reduce our speed and watch out for those walking or jogging. We need to respect our neighbors by making sure our dogs do not mess up our neighbor’s yards or the street. We have a great neighborhood, but let’s make it better.  How about it Willow Creek neighbors?