Request for HOA Verification

Realtors, Title Companies, and Title Search Agencies needing to verify dues payment or to obtain a Resale Certificate may complete the informational form below to request the required information for properties located in any section of the Willow Creek Homeowners Association.

Upon receipt of this information, your request will be forwarded to the proper individual that is responsible for supplying the requested information.

Willow Creek Estates can be a bit confusing because sections were created at different times as the area was developed over a 30-year period. We have two small areas within the Willow Creek subdivision that have their own HOA’s with mandatory dues. Then there are the remaining properties that do not have mandatory dues. All Willow Creek property owners are encouraged to become supporting members of the Willow Creek Homeowners Association (WCHOA), but there is no requirement for them to do so. Just by owning property in Willow Creek Estates automatically makes them voting members of the HOA. However, all property owners must abide by the restrictions and covenants regardless of whether they choose to become financially supporting members of the HOA.

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