Neighborhood Alert

Oct 2, 2018 by

ANOTHER MOUNTAIN LION ATTACK ON SUMMIT RIDGE.  Second one in a month.   Half-eaten deer with kill bite marks on neck found in front yard.  City Animal Control confirms mountain lion.  This is very near where neighbors are feeding deer.  Please reconsider if you are putting out corn for deer.  It is fun to see how many can congregate in one place but it just attracts more to a specific area as they come to expect the treats and hang around at night.  Easy pickings for a predator looking for its next meal — which is anything but fun when you come out in the morning and find this in your yard.  Be very careful with your pets and on the alert when you go out into your yards at night or early morning.  Reconsider leaving animals alone in your backyard. Also, please report attacks to your HOA so that we can keep a record for future reference. 

SNAKES.  Also, your HOA has been notified of snakes in and around the neighborhood with them even coming into garages.

Thank you and be safe.

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