Membership Has Its Benefits

What does the Willow Creek Homeowners Association do for Willow Creek?

Your all-volunteer Willow Creek Homeowners Association (WCHOA) is continually helping you behind the scenes and working on projects and improvements that directly affect you, your family, and the value of your home investment.

We are an organization of residents who work together to improve and maintain the quality of life in its neighborhood, including neighborhood safety, beautification and social activities. WCHOA is technically a formal legal entity being incorporated and having federal tax exempt status; however, we can only survive with the financial support of our residents and local businesses that have chosen to place ads on our website and in our newsletters.

We hope you will agree that supporting the WCHOA is not only beneficial to you and your property, but also to your community. Financially supporting members (dues paying members) may vote on board member (director and officer) nominations and all neighborhood voting matters.

Join the Willow Creek Homeowners Association – Dues are only $20/year  Join Now Image

You may pay your WCHOA Supporting Member dues online! We have joined PayPal® to offer Willow Creek residents the ability to pay their annual membership dues online with a credit card or bank debit card.……you choose, and you will not be charged a fee for this new service. Plus you are not required to have a PayPal® account.  As you probably know when you use PayPal®, our HOA will not have access to nor will we store any of your personal financial information on our site. Go to the “HOA Members” page and select “Pay Dues Online” or you may send your $20 check, payable to “WCHOA” to the WCHOA Treasurer, PO Box 1883, San Marcos, TX 78667-1883.

We work hard to provide as many benefits as possible to our residents without incurring additional costs. Your $20 dues will help offset those additional costs and supply you with added benefits and will help keep the WCHOA going for years to come!